Exploring Nyrstar Tennessee Mines: A Guide to the Leading Zinc Producer

Nyrstar Tennessee Mines is a zinc mining company located in Middle Tennessee. The mine has been in operation since 1969, and since then, it has produced over 10 million tons of zinc and lead concentrate. The mine employs around 570 people and is a significant part of the local economy. The company prides itself on its commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and community involvement. With its well-established reputation in the industry, Nyrstar Tennessee Mines continues to be an important player in the global market for zinc and lead.

Strawberry Plains residents’ fight with Nyrstar continues

Nyrstar Tennessee Mines is a leading zinc producer that has been operating for more than a century. The company has made significant contributions to the mining industry in the United States. In this article, we will explore Nyrstar Tennessee Mines, its history, its operations, and its future prospects.

Strawberry Plains residents’ fight with Nyrstar continues

Nyrstar Tennessee Mines was established in 1902 and started producing zinc in 1906. Since then, the company has become one of the most significant players in the zinc mining industry. Its first mine was called “New Jersey Zinc Company” and was located in Smith County. The company’s name changed to “Zinc Corporation of America” in 1917 and later became part of Union Miniere Group.

Nyrstar Tennessee Mines has two primary operations: Gordonsville and East Tennessee (Young). The Gordonsville mine is located near Carthage, Tennessee, and produces high-quality zinc concentrate that is sold to smelters worldwide. The Young mine is located near Jefferson City, Tennessee, and produces both zinc concentrate and lead concentrate.

Strawberry Plains residents’ fight with Nyrstar continues

Future Prospects:
Nyrstar Tennessee Mines has invested heavily in technology that enables it to produce high-quality concentrate efficiently. The company also uses environmentally responsible practices to ensure its operations do not harm the ecosystem. Nyrstar plans to continue improving its processes while maintaining a sustainable business model.

In summary, Nyrstar Tennessee Mines is an essential player in the U.S. mining industry with a rich history spanning over a century. The company operates two mines – Gordonsville and Young – which produce high-quality zinc concentrate used by smelters globally. Nystar’s investments in cutting-edge technology have helped it maintain sustainability while delivering quality products efficiently.

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