Nyrstar’s Tennessee Mining Operations: Uncovering Prosperity in Appalachia

Nyrstar Mining Tennessee is a subsidiary of Nyrstar, a leading global multi-metal company established in 2007. With locations in 12 countries, Nyrstar produces high-quality zinc, lead and other metals used in a range of industries including construction, automotive, and healthcare. In Tennessee, the company operates one of its most significant mining and refining operations that produce zinc concentrate from underground mines before being transported to the Clarksville smelter for further processing. This article will explore Nyrstar Mining Tennessee’s history, operations, and the impact it has on the local community and economy.

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Nyrstar, a global metals and mining company, has been operating in Appalachia since 2009, exploring and extracting zinc from the region. Their Tennessee mining operations have been a significant contributor to the local economy, providing jobs and opportunities for growth.


1. Nyrstar’s investment in Appalachia

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In 2009, Nyrstar acquired the zinc mine located near Strawberry Plains in eastern Tennessee. Since then, they have invested millions of dollars in the region’s mining operations.

2. Job creation

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Nyrstar’s mining operations have generated job opportunities for local residents. The company directly employs nearly 500 people and indirectly supports more than 1,000 jobs in the region.

3. Economic impact

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The mining operations have had a substantial economic impact on the region. In addition to job creation, Nyrstar has contributed to various community development initiatives that have helped boost the local economy.

4. Environmental measures

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Nyrstar is committed to responsible environmental management of its mining operations. They follow strict protocols and employ advanced technology to minimize their impact on the environment.

5. Community partnerships

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Nyrstar actively collaborates with local communities and stakeholders to ensure their interests are represented.

Nyrstar’s Tennessee mining operations have brought tangible benefits to Appalachia since their establishment in 2009. Through substantial investment in infrastructure and employment of hundreds of local residents directly and thousands more indirectly through third-party businesses or contractors supporting them, they’ve made a significant contribution not just economically but also socially within this rural community where employment can be challenging to come by considering prevailing state regulations toward extractive industries like those practiced by Nystar as well as shared environmental concerns that need balancing out with industrial expansion plans as well as prudent government oversight overall policy that encourages sustainable economic development at all levels and protects environment along with public health safety too

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